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Creative Approach for IMPACT

Loftwork Inc. is a creative agency which does web design, content design, service design, communication design, and spacial design via open collaborations.

「It was established in 2000 with a mission of 'distribution of creativity'. We provide a variety of creative services through the 230,000 registered '' users.

At present, we work on over 500 projects a year – home and abroad – for creative services such as environmental design, spacial design, product design, communication design, business design, web design, service design, etc. We also manage 'MTRL' – a creative lounge with deals with materials face-on, 'FabCafe' – a digital craft cafe, and 'OpenCU', – learning community.

We develop activities which have new value via out open collaboration with a community that spans the globe.

What we can do.


Creative Services

Creating web development and communication design with a focus on customer experience, we make full use of a variety of methods and networks to collectively design something with has new value.

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Records / Cases

Over 200 various records and cases are currently publicly available. It is possible to even refine the axis per industry or per service. Please do take a look at the projects that we create.

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The three words that we cherish.

Open links.

Be open for yourself more than anything else.
There is a mountain of complex tasks that lie in front of us.
hey can't be solved by merely subdividing them into area of expertise.
To create something with new value,
the era of having confidential documents in a closed meeting room
full of specially selected members is over.
We should tackle the world by being more and more open
– connecting intelligence and skills.

In Practice

Go to the location, move about, and challenge things for yourself.
There isn't a single sole who can suddenly have a go at something and get 100 points first time.
Nobody can use their imagination in a field they have absolutely no experience in.
You have to try it out and test it as you think it up.
If it doesn't work, the. You have to amend it and try again.
It's like the process of thinking itself,
only in this case, practice and testing is more important.

No black and white

The binary era is dead.
The answer lies in the complex spectrum
which has a variety of colors that change momentarily.
It isn't easy to encounter a different way of life, viewpoint and values.
But let's attempt to accept diversity with a flexible mind.
Overcome all the conflicts, unease and unpleasant situations.
It is only then, when you draw a normal vision for yourself,
that you will be able to find the real value.

Loftwork: The Story Thus Far


Hida, Kyoto, Thailand, Taiwan, France. . . Expanding our space in Japan and around the world


Launched Hidakuma, a multi-faceted project to raise the value of the forests in Hida. Following FabCafe Taipei, we created Loftwork Taiwan. The space at FabCafe Tokyo was doubled in size. Meanwhile, the Kyoto office moved in a large building in Gojo we renovated, while at the same time we opened MTRL KYOTO, a new co-working space. FabCafe MTRL opened on the upper floor of FabCafe in Shibuya as well. With FabCafe Bangkok opening in Thailand and FabCafe Toulouse in France, it was a year marked by extending our activities in Japan and around the world. In addition to all this, this year has seen Loftwork Inc's creative network broaden in one fell swoop, with us running about 550 projects and organizing 186 events (44 seminars, 94 FabCafe events, 43 OpenCUs, 5 events were even held at MTRL KYOTO, which had just opened in December).

Global & Local Global expansion and the launch of a new regional project in May 2013


In May 2013, "FabCafe Taipei" opened in Taiwan as the second base of FabCafe. While offers for opening new locations were coming in from around the word, FabCafe continued its own development on the condition of "collaborating with people who have a local creator network", and increasingly promoting friendships following the global conference "Fab 9" held in Yokohama, which led to developments in each country afterwards. Also from this time, we have adopted the framework of "Design Thinking" and "Lean Startup" into our creative production business and have expanded its scope to space and product development. In addition to speeding up the globalization process, 2013 was also marked by the full-scale launch of regional projects such as Ishigaki Island USIO Design Project.

Fab "FabCafe", which crosses real and digital worlds, opens


On March 7th, 2012, following the encounter between Loftwork Inc. and FabLab, "FabCafe" opens in Japan as the first digital product-making cafe that uses laser cutter as its main tool. Located in Shibuya, an area full of young energy, it is equipped with many kinds of digital production equipment, and offers a delicious coffee and exciting encounters. Soon after its opening, it gained worldwide attention among the creative community as a new business model that combines "real" and "digital". Also, in 2012, it shifted from the original "Project Management" to "Product Oriented Management"; its representative Chiaki Hayashi was pointed as MIT Media Lab chief assistant; and "MAKERS", the book themed on product-making revolution, became an international bestseller, making it a year packed with important events for Loftwork Inc.

From Venture Investments to a Leading Company:The Quality That Loftwork’s 10 Years Has Built


"Open"、"Creative"、"Happy"、"Professional"、"Integrity"、"Diversity"…… making these six beloved pillars a part of our very existence, we aim for a freer, more dynamic type of “creativity circulation”, and progress ever forward!

New Network!: The Bilingual Transition and the Birth of a New Community

2010 underwent a massive overhaul, and we finally realized our dream of a Japanese/English bilingual site. Not only did this result in Japanese creators and their works making their way out into the world, but it also drove the projects of creators around the globe. We also began OpenCPU, a network for the study of creativity. It was a new type of initiative that allowed users to share their creativity in real-world situations. Loftwork experienced rapid growth this year, with the community as its nucleus.

Power of Creative: The Expanding Realm of the Creative


1000 decorative email elements, every single one a picture of a train; an iPhone application, put together by 151 creators and downloaded by users in over 50 countries; a redesign project for well-known regional products that resulted, in some cases, in a 20x increase in sales... this year, Japan’s largest community of creators pushed the boundaries of craftsmanship further than any of us first thought possible.

The Share Framework Is Opened Up to the World


Chiaki Hayashi, together with Kosuke Takahashi, published “Web Project Management Standards,” which was the first publication to deal with web-based project management and had PMBOK at its core. Our in-house framework was opened up to the public, since sharing with as many people as possible is part of who we are at Loftwork. 2008 was also the year that recorded its 10,000th user, a huge landmark for us.

Collaboration: A Variety of Initiatives to Connect Creators and Businesses


Taking “Creative Infrastructure” as our goal, this year marked the start of various collaborations and initiatives. One example was the Creative Children Project, creative workshop for kids, held with cooperation from Fujitsu and Apple. But there were also a number of other projects which we worked on, including “A New Dimension of Creativity”, with Adobe; Microsoft’s “Web Creative Next”; and KDDI Design Studio’s “The Box Shop”. This year also began our initiative with Creative Commons, a new style of global copyright licensing.

Big Project: Creativity Distribution Takes a New Form


Spurred on by an increase in the project management ability of our directors and over 4,000 registered creators, this was the year that “Creativity Distributor Loftwork” was born. From the thousands of pages revamped during our site update and the tens of thousands of cell phone-targeted content items, to the development of images and characters, we were involved with all manner of creative work. Throughout the year, we grew to include thousands of creators and their projects.

Project Management: The Introduction of a World Standard


During this time, we were gradually entrusted with more and more creative endeavors. However, due to the absence of any creative types in-house, there was a series of failed projects. What caught our attention at this point was that only a fraction of system integrators were taking advantage of project management. This led to the birth of the precursor to PMBOK, our in-house system, founded on the principles of high quality, high speed, and high performance at low cost.

Joi! Our Meeting with Mr. Joichi Ito


Due to a grassroots campaign that saw us leaving fliers at cafes and design fairs, our number of registered creators gradually increased, as we continued to feel our way through the business side of things. It was then that we were introduced to Mr. Joichi Ito, also known simply as Joi. Joi became one of our investors after endorsing Loftwork’s philosophy: we want to make creativity circulate. Since then, he has been kind enough to stay on board as one of Loftwork’s supporters and advisers, always pointing us toward our future. We continue to survive now, as then, on the idea that we are supported by large numbers of people, not just one, and we consider that mentality to be an important part of our culture.

Starts Loftwork Is Founded


It was 1999 when U.S. auction giant eBay exploded in size. We took that business model as a hint, and wondered if perhaps, by making creativity circulate, could creators, businesses, and society alike become... happy? It was this idea that led to the opening of At the same time, Loftwork Incorporated was founded. It began with four individuals: two people in a 1LDK apartment in Shinsen, Tokyo, and another two people back in New York.